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Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern


Do all things come to an end, or can they be lovingly revived? This home (built in the fifties) was ready for a remodel. The client, asked what they could do since “all the furniture was old.” She was happily surprised and relieved when Sally Harris told her that the furnishings that her father had made years ago were to be cherished and could be incorporated. “It is mid-century modern,” said Sally. “That is what everyone is seeking now.” Immediately, TFT started developing the perfect solutions to display the credenza and other pieces her father had designed and built.

It was time to open up spaces, bring comfort back into the living room and make room for their new concert grand piano. While presenting options for a new look, we chose to eliminate the carpet, paneling, dividers, acoustic ceilings and old ceiling fixtures. The changes brought out architectural features that were previously hidden. We also chose to do away with drab and bring in color! This beautiful turquoise floral area rug designed by Amy Butler, became the focal point. It pairs beautifully with the refinished, original, parquet floors. It’s fresh new look brought an exciting change to the room. We chose to accent the upholstered pieces with dots and dashes. Notice the drapery panels that frame the window wall. The coastline view is one you don’t want to miss, so we installed solar shades in a neutral tone. This protects the furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun while allowing visitors to enjoy the ocean and coastline. We felt color and simplicity were the perfect partners for a mid-century modern makeover!

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