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Maison Avec Vue

Maison Avec Vue


A fine French Country home with amazing harbor views was in need of a makeover. Our client saw the potential and when we first met, our ideas started flowing. We decided it was best to keep the view of the marina and Balboa Island the focal point of the home and design.

Byron and Cheri have very distinctive taste. They love to acquire fine French antiques whenever possible. Cheri likes to add a vintage feel to each environment. This keeps it practical and inviting, always a welcoming space for guests. In this home, we lightened everything up with a new weathered floor finish and Venetian plaster on the walls and ceilings in a latte finish throughout the house. Accenting the comfortable upholstery with elegant antique crystal sconces brought each room to a new level of casual elegance.

The Powder Room shows its sophistication with an Onyx wall backlit to shine. It also exhibits a custom handmade vanity cabinet. Sally surprised the client with her design of the entrance to the hidden room through a curio cabinet. This hidden door created an extra element of design in the room and will never be detected…unless the secret is shared.

Cheri’s bath was designed to emulate a spa. She feels especially pampered when she enters her bath of beautiful Oceana Onyx and Thasos Marble. An ever-changing view of the marina and Balboa Island keeps her fascinated moment by moment.

A closet is not a closet unless it is as beautiful as your wardrobe. Cheri’s closet was lifeless and dull, painted army green. It begged for attention. We chose to bring it to life by painting it a beautiful French blue to mirror the colors in the bath. We also integrated the Oceana Onyx from the bath as a counter top, and added a lovely antique chandelier with rock crystal baubles.

We chose to design this beautiful home with very fine furnishings that will last a lifetime. Byron, Cheri and their guests will enjoy this new space for many years to come!

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