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Our Process

Our Process


  1.  INITIAL CONSULTATION   — Client + Designer Interview / Agreement
  2. COLLECT INFORMATION   —Measure / Photos  / Research
  3.  SCHEMATIC DESIGN PHASE—- Expand Ideas / Space Planning / Select Merchandise / Prepare Presentation
  4.  INITIAL PRESENTATION  — Design Presentation w/ Many Options
  5. SPECIFICATIONS &  PRICING   —- Design Presentation w/ Specifics / Pricing
  6. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT  —Finalize Selections / Order / Create / Collaborate w/ Builder, Vendors & Fabricators
  7. INSTALLATIONS  — Onsite Installation (1+ Days)



Every project is unique.  “The art of interior design is a presentation of YOUR personal style” says Sally Harris.  Our goal is to embrace your unique style and design a home that will suit you and your family.  Orchestrating the types of spaces we design requires open communication and trust in our design system.  Our expert design management services and the system get us to an amazing end result while making the process enjoyable for our clients.



We bring a professional approach to residential interior design projects ensuring that details are carefully considered, documented, and that all aspects of the project come together perfectly on installation day.  Detailed specifications, schematics, trusted partners, and open lines of communication are how we get there.